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How to Prevent a Burglary

Did you know that homes with simple security measures are five times less likely to be burgled than those without any security measures at all? The most essential precautionary measure you can take it to install quality locks on all the doors and windows in your home.

LDS Locksmiths is a UPVC door and window lock repairs specialist in Newcastle. We install new locks, replace old ones with new locks and repair all types of locks. We also offer 24-hour emergency lock services.

Here are some simple ways to prevent a burglary:

Equip Doors and Windows with Security Fittings

Most burglars break in through the doors.

Always ensure that your doors and windows are secure. Install a solid bar on your doors for extra strength.

If your doors have glass panels, consider replacing them with laminated glass for greater protection. You can fortify the glass with a layer of film to make things difficult for burglars.

Use Key-Operated Locks for Vulnerable Windows

Easy-to-reach windows are extremely vulnerable. They can compromise the security of your home. Be sure to install locks with keys on all windows that can be reached easily.

For double glazed windows with old or inefficient locks, LDS Locksmiths offers highly reliable UPVC double glazing lock repairs in Newcastle. We can upgrade your existing locks, repair them or install high-quality locks.

Take Precautions when Going Out

Lock doors and windows behind you if you are going out, even if it is to your garden. Inform someone you trust in the neighbourhood that you are going out and request them to watch out for anything unusual on your premises.

Keep the lights and radio switched on when you are going out so that your home looks occupied to trespassers.

Secure your Letterbox

Burglars often target the letterbox to access your mails and thereby your personal details. So, secure your letterbox with a reliable lock. Avoid leaving any key in the letterbox. Criminals can use hooks or other devices to retrieve keys from the box.

Keep Outbuildings Locked

Outbuildings include sheds, bin stores, and other covered areas. The hidden nature of outbuildings attracts all kinds of criminals including burglars. Keep them well-locked and consider installing a security alarm for greater protection.

Parting Thoughts

These simple measures can help reduce the chances of burglary significantly.

Repair and fix faulty locks sooner rather than later. At LDS Locksmiths, we assure you of a reliable UPVC door and window lock repairs in Newcastle.

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