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Smart Locks vs Traditional Locks

If we lived in castles like the kings of yore, we could have a hundred guards securing our home. But we live in modern times, where our homes are secured by doors and the doors are secured by locks. The omnipresent locks, albeit small in size, give us the peace of mind when we are away from home.

The technological improvements have resulted in some really advanced locking systems. While improvisation is the order of the day, there are many homeowners who swear by typical traditional locks when it comes to protecting their homes.

Here is a look at the ongoing debate of smart vs traditional locks and what you need to do when it comes to secure living.

How Traditional Locks Work?

Mortice, Yale type (Night Latch) and Euro Lock are some of the traditional locks that you see almost everywhere. These locks open with a physical key. These locks are also available with anti-snapping and anti-pick techniques.

How Smart Locks Work?

A lock that you can remotely control with your phone using the latest technology is the premise behind smart locks. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology is used for opening the smart locks. You won’t need a physical key to unlock a smart lock.

Door Lock Security

A traditional lock gives you good physical security. A smart lock works just the same but is susceptible to hacking since it is connected to the Internet. While you may say that traditional locks are susceptible to picking or can be snapped open by a burglar on the prowl, it is also important to understand that you can choose anti-pick and anti-snap locks for more security.

A smart lock can tell you when it is being picked. You can get notified when unidentified movements are detected. But preventing a theft from happening using a smart lock is as difficult as with the use of traditional locks. Improvising on these techniques means you need to go for an anti-burglar alarm system for the entire home.

With a traditional lock and key system, in case you lock yourself out, you can easily get a professional locksmith in Newcastle to make you another set of keys. With a smart lock system, should you forget your password or if your phone runs out of battery or you do not have any internet access, consider yourself helpless for quite a while.

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