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UPVC Door Guide

UPVC (short for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is a very rigid and sturdy type of plastic that’s extensively used in plumbing. Owing to its durability and toughness, UPVC is also utilised heavily for making door leaves and window frames. Moreover, UPVC is cost-effective, energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

As UPVC door and window lock repairs specialists in Newcastle, we are seeing more and more homes going the UPVC way. And for good reason. Here’s a look at some reasons why you might want to consider UPVC doors and windows.

Durable and Hardwearing

You’d be better off installing UPVC doors and windows as they’ll stay in service for years on end. Doors constructed out of UPVC will be able to resist everyday wear and tear and inclement weather quite effectively. UPVC can effortlessly withstand the adverse effects of natural elements like rain, sunlight, and wind better than wood or aluminium.

UPVC doors can make your home extra secure, thanks to their sturdiness, resilience, and hardiness.

Effective Thermal and Sound Insulation

Doors made from UPVC will keep your home comfortable and snug all through the year. Owing to its inherent structure and chemical composition, UPVC acts as an effective thermal insulator. Consequently, UPVC doors check heat absorption in summer, and minimise heat loss in winter.

On the other hand, UPVC is extremely efficient in insulating sound. Surveys and studies conducted on the material have indicated that UPVC can insulate external noise by up to 70%.


Doors crafted out of UPVC also happen to be eco-friendly, implying that they’re recyclable and reusable. Firms and companies promoting and selling UPVC doors and windows contribute towards protecting the environment from further degradation. Large-scale use of goods and items made from UPVC brings down the adverse impact of deforestation.


UPVC also happens to be extremely energy-efficient. This way, you get to save a considerable amount on utility bills on a regular basis.


Significantly enough, UPVC is highly cost-effective and affordable compared to timber, aluminium or other options. Although the cumulative costs may differ, depending upon the door design and features you choose, your overall outlay will be less when you opt for UPVC in place of wood or aluminium.

Needs Minimal Maintenance

Another good reason why homeowners are increasingly opting for UPVC doors is that they need minimal maintenance. You need to clean the framework only once in a month to keep the doors in working order. You also don’t have to paint UPVC doors.

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