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Window Security – A Guide to Burglar Proof Windows

Burglars break into homes generally through the windows, back door or the entrance. In fact, windows serve as the entry point for more than 30% of all break-ins. As a homeowner, the aspect of window security could easily slip your mind until something untoward happens.

So, even if you’ve fully secured your home, it could still be susceptible to robbery if you’ve not burglar proofed the windows. If your window is in poor shape or has an issue, contact LDS Locksmiths immediately for UPVC door and window lock repairs in Newcastle.

Here are some measures you can take to make your windows fully burglar proof.

Use uPVC Windows for Restricting Visibility

Your desire to add an aesthetic appeal to your home could leave the premises vulnerable to burglary. More often than not, windows that accentuate a home’s aesthetics also allow robbers to get a clear view of the indoors. Choose UPVC windows to get around the problem.

Using UPVC material for your window frames offers an extra layer of security to your house as UPVC restricts visibility. At the same time, UPVC is durable, energy-efficient, fire-resistant, fully recyclable, and easy to maintain.

You can choose from clear or tinted UPVC for the windowpanes.

Tempered Glass

Most homes have window frames that are made of traditional glass that can be shattered easily by housebreakers. If your windows have regular glass, you can reinforce them with toughened glass, also called tempered or safety glass. Tempered glass does not break as easily as traditional glass. And even if it does break, the splinters are smaller and the edges are less pointier.

Laminated Glass

Another type of tempered glass you can use for making your windows extra secure is laminated glass. A laminated glass pane consists of two traditional glass sheets with a vinyl film inserted in between. Burglars will have a tough time shattering laminated glass without attracting the attention of passer-by and neighbours.

Use a Burglar-proof Locking System

If your windows have latches and locks that were installed when you moved in, it’s time you replaced them. You can choose from a variety of deadbolts including a sash lock, pin lock, or a UPVC window lock.

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