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Van Deadlocks

Van Locks – Locks 4 Vans – Deadlocks For Vans – Slam Locks For Vans – Rep Locks – Vehicle Security Deadlock Installers In Newcastle Upon Tyne And Throughout The  North East

LDS Locksmiths are experts in the installation of van security locks and security products, such as; Deadlocks, Slam Locks, Slam Handles, Ford Approved Transit & Custom Hykee Replocks, Hook Locks, Loom Guards, Shields and much more…

We provide a fast, professional, reliable and cost effective security solutions for your van and its contents. Our mobile van lock experts are highly trained and only use high quality products supplied by Locks 4 Vans, one of the leaders in the industry for security locks for vans.  We operate a van door secuity lock fitting services in Newcastle upon Tyne – Gateshead – Tyne and Wear – Sunderland – Durham – Northumberland and throughout the North East.

There is no need to lose any time off work because we will come to you and install your van locks at your home or wherever you are working, at no extra cost.

Van Security Locks


Van Deadlocks are a great van security upgrade and definetly our most popular van security locks fitted. We installVan Deadlock Fitted Newcastle two types of deadlocks for vans, a bolt style deadlock normally fitted to the drivers and passangers doors and hook style deadlocks which are fitted to the side load doors and rear barn doors of your van.

Deadlocks for vans are a cost effective van security solution you can trust, even if the manufacturers locks have been compromised, the deadlocks will provide a high level of protection keeping the doors locked and your van safe. They are also an excellent visual deterrent and when installed high up on the side load doors the deadlock offers a high level of protection against an attack known as peeling, where thieves are folding down the top of the van door to gain access.

All our van deadlocks are supplied with high security keys.

Van Deadlocks fully fitted from £150.00


Slam Locks

Van slam locks offer a great level of protection to couriers, delivery drivers and tradespeople that are in and out ofVan Slam Lock Fitted Newcastle there vans frequently. Slam locks work alongside the manufacturers locks and automatically lock every time the van door is closed. You will never leave your van unlocked again.

All our slam locks for vans are supplied with high security keys and can be keyed alike with our van deadlocks, meaning one key will work on both van locks.

Slam Locks fully fitted from £150.00


Hykee Replock

The Hykee Replock is a high security lock that is a direct replacement for the drivers door lock on the Ford Transit,Ford Transit Hykee Replock Ford Connect, Ford Courier and the Ford Custom vans. Thieves are picking and forcing open Ford drivers door locks in seconds, unlocking the van and turning off the alarm.

The Hykee Replock is a replacement barrel & bezel that has been designed to withstand these types of attacks and is the minimum security upgrade recommended for ford vans.

All our Hykee Replocks are supplied with high security keys and can be keyed alike to deadlocks and slam locks, meaning one key opens all locks.

Fully fitted £199.00

Please don’t hesitate to call 0191 649 8919  for a free no obligation quotation.


Security Locks For Vans – Fitted Throughout The North East

Security Van Locks for;

  • Citroen Relay – Dispatch – Berlingo – Nemo
  • Fait Ducato – Talento – Fiorino – Doblo – Scudo
  • Ford Transit – Custom – Courier – Connect – Tipper
  • LDV
  • Iveco Daily
  • MAN
  • Mercedes Sprinter – Vito – Citan
  • Nissan Primastar – Interstar – NV300
  • Peugeot Boxter – Bipper – Partner – Expert
  • Renault Master – Traffic – Kangoo
  • Toyota – Hiace – Proace
  • Vauxhall Movano – Vivaro – Combo
  • VW Crafter – Caddy – T5 Transporter – T6 Transporter

These are our most popular makes and models, but we install van security locks to lots more model. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any advice.


Why Should You Have Extra Van Security Locks Fitted

In the United Kingdom, a van is broken into about every 23 minutes. This is a shocking statistic showing how vulnerable tradespeople are to van tool theft.

Unfortunately, the theft of van tools is an ever-growing problem for tradespeople. Those who fall victim of tool theft not only have to replace their tools but are also left unable to work until the tools are replaced and their van has been repaired.

Satistics For Van Tool Theft

The theft of tools from vans isn’t a recent problem for tradespeople and there are some shocking statistics surrounding this crime:

  • In the UK, a van is broken into about every 23 minutes
  • 50% of tradespeople have been victims of van crime on more than one occasion
  • The average value of van theft now stands at £1,692
  • £94,521,600 was the total cost to tradespeople in the UK in 2016 (according to Trade Direct)
  • 50% of victims could not work the following day, costing them at least £500 in earnings.

Locks 4 Vans – Dealocks

Locks 4 Vans Deadlocks are designed for maximum security, even if the manufacturers locks are compromised the door will not open with the deadlock in the locked position. The Locks 4 Vans Deadlocks also serves as a visual deterrent where an opportunist will walk past and look for an easier target, so with easier pickings up the road your van will be much safer.

Most vans are broken into in seconds by taking advantage of the manufacturers weak points, which might be punching screwdrivers in under door handles, breaking off plastic handles or by smashing glass. If a van thief knows that they can break into a particular model van in seconds without making any real noise then they know that they can do it to thousands of vans up and down the country, this makes it easy for them to pop it open just to look and see if there are any tools or anything of value in your van.

Don’t make it easy for them, Protect your tools now!

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Van Security Door Locks And Van Security Products Fitted

Van Makes For Security Locks

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We provide a mobile van security lock installation service in Newcastle Upon Tyne – Gateshead – Tyne & Wear – Sunderland – Durham – Northumberland – Tyne Valley and throughout the North East.

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